Dual Diagnosis

Mental illness and substance abuse go hand in hand. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 53% of drug addicts and 37% of all alcoholics have experienced a minimum of one psychiatric illness. In addition, JAMA has reported that of all individuals with a mental illness, an astounding 29% of them are alcohol or drug addicts.

The association between the two is well established and simply cannot be ignored. Alcohol and drug use can often cover up the symptoms associated with psychiatric illness, but at the same time can also mimic those symptoms as well. Treating one and ignoring the other is never effective. This is why we are committed to working with you to treat both your addiction and your illness.

If such underlying conditions are never diagnosed and treated, the chance of falling back into a life of dependency on alcohol and drugs is extremely high. It is our desire and hope for you to succeed. We wish for you to be completely healthy and whole once again. This is why we continue to strive to do much more than just clean your system of drugs and alcohol. We wish to give you the skills you need to cope on a daily basis and stay clean. In addition, we want to give you a treatment plan to help you effectively manage any possible psychiatric disorders.

Helping persons who are dealing with dual diagnosis issues is challenging and requires a high level of expertise and experience. This is exactly why we select only highly experienced professionals with expertise in this critical area. If you believe that your alcoholism or drug addiction is only part of the issue, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Call our Florida office right now from Fort Lauderdale at (954) 399-1637 for assistance with your psychiatric illness and your addiction.

At our Treatment Center, we are fully prepared to assist you in working through your addiction as well as finding the proper treatment for any other illness or disorders through an effective and integrated treatment program. The detox process is particularly important for people who have concurrent disorders. This is why we provide a detox program that is safe and medically supervised to be completely free of trauma.

Our team of professionals will work right along with you to treat your addiction as well as psychiatric disorder. Treatment for each can begin right away to provide you with immediate relief.


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